How Do I Enable My HDMI Port On My Computer

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In this article, you’ll find an entire guide on how to make sure you are able to enable an HDMI port of your laptop or computer. I’ve noticed in the comments section that lots of users have issues setting up this HDMI port.

Therefore, I’ve conducted extensive studies on various topics and described them below.

Make sure you go through these.

Let’s begin.

The popularity of many ports, including HDMI, is rapidly increasing. You must switch on your HDMI connection on your computer in order to transmit video or audio to an external monitor, speaker, or television. Sometimes certain presentations or slideshows have to be presented to the audience.

The HDMI cable lets you connect your computer to an LCD projector or any other external display screen to satisfy your requirement. To use the HDMI cable you need to turn on the HDMI port inside your operating system on the computer. After successfully activating your HDMI port you can easily transfer audio and video to any other external device(s) with an HDMI connection.

Do you know what HDMI is?

HDMI is a shorthand for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which is an audio/video standard to transfer video and audio information for consumer electronic devices. Setting up HDMI on the HDMI connection on your computer is a simple process. Are you interested in knowing how to make use of HDMI input on your PC?

It’s just a matter of having to follow the steps I’m going to show that you.

A Brief Guide – How To Enable The HDMI Port On Your Computer:

Step 1:

The first step is to require an HDMI cable.

If that is the case then you are able to bypass this part and proceed into the following step.

Step 2:

The next step is to connect your computer to the device that you intend to display so that you can enable the HDMI port on your computer.

It could be a display, projector or possibly a television.

You must connect one end of an HDMI cable into the computer’s port.

Let’s go to step 3.

Step 3:

After you have plugged in the cable’s other end to your laptop, you will need to switch on the external device is being used to display.

After you have turned on your device, connect the second cable to your monitor’s “HDMI IN” port on your monitor.

The screen of the computer will blink as well. HMDI output will come on, and the device will show the output.

  • Right-click the desktop, then click “Screen Resolution”.
  • A new window should be displayed when you click Screen Resolution.
  • In the next window, click on the “Multiple Display” option.
  • Select the choice “Show Desktop On Monitor 2” and click it.

When you do that, you’ll observe that the display will turn red as well as the device on your external will show the video output of your computer.

Still HDMI Port Not Working?

Here, I’ve performed an exhaustive study especially for you. I’ve examined how many people are confronting different kinds of problems. This is why I’ve compiled and outlined some of the biggest issues that people face.

Let’s begin.

HDMI is thought to be one of the most effective methods to connect all connected devices easily. The whole connection is only one cable to connect audio and video.

In order to achieve this, connected devices must be fully certified or licensed to communicate with one another through a standard high-bandwidth digital content security.

When the HDMI handshake fails to work then you will notice that the HDCP security for HDMI isn’t detected by the devices that are connected. The result is that you can’t be able to play your favorite video game or even your favorite TV show.

Here are some suggestions that might be useful to solve the problem that results from issues with the HDMI port that isn’t working. If you use one of the listed below strategies, you’ll likely be able to solve your problem.

1st Method – Configuration of Display Setting

If you have several monitors on your computer or laptop and you encounter the HDMI port’s issue of not working. There is an opportunity that you to make use of the settings for the wrong monitor.

In this instance, it is recommended to examine the display settings on your laptop and ensure that you use the correct setting for display instead of the incorrect one.

In order to determine the display settings of your computer, first, you need to click”P” and then the “P as well as Window logo keys simultaneously. This will open the list of display modes.

Each variant is distinct from the next, and so it’s like as follows:

  1. PC screen only. is the only monitor that it uses.
  2. Duplicate – It displays exact same information on each of the monitors.
  3. Extend utilizes both monitors to show your extended desk.
  4. Second screen/Projector only. It is the only monitor, which could be a is a second.

Test each option and select one of the top options that will meet your needs. You’ll be able to view images on your screen using HDMI.

2nd Method – Update Graphic

In the event that you encounter an HDMI connection not functioning effectively. There could be a different cause that is related to the driver for your graphics.

If your software is not up to date and you do not ensure that you have an update of it, you’ll certainly have to deal with this problem.

The best solution is to upgrade or install your graphics driver and check if it’s useful or not in the problem resolution.

To update the driver for graphics There are two methods:

01. It is possible to do this manually:

In order to update or install your graphics driver, you need to possess the right computer knowledge and patience. To do this, you’ll seek out the appropriate and precise online driver, and after that, download and install it.

02. It’s easy to automatize it:

It’s among the most efficient and speedy methods to update your graphics driver. It is all you need to do is make a second click on your mouse. Automatic updates require Driver Easy tool.

It will identify the system on its own and locate the appropriate driver. It’s as simple since you don’t need to know what computer system is currently running and you don’t require any knowledge to download or install the appropriate driver.

In addition, there is no chance of installing the incorrect driver. Don’t be concerned and make sure you install the correct graphic driver, without making any errors.

You can, however, automatically update the drivers by using the Pro or Free versions of the Driver Easy tool.

If the HDMI port being inoperative, or if you want to use Pro Version, then it only requires a few clicks:

  • Download Driver Easy tool from your PC and then install it.
  • After that, launch the program and hit”Scan Now. “Scan Now.” It will analyze your device and reveal the problems with any detected drivers.
  • Click “Update all” for downloading and installing automatically the latest version of the driver that is outdated or not present.

3rd Method: Reconnect or restart your computer

If you find that your HMDI port isn’t working as it did before, another option is to reconnect and then restart your device. Sometimes, this can be an effective way to improve the HDMI port function. HDMI port.

Follow these steps:

  • The first step is to unplug all of your HDMI ports.
  • Then shut down your TV, computer, or laptop monitor Then, unplug the power cords for all of them.
  • After that, you can leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Connect all power cables including the battery.
  • Connect HDMI cables
  • Turn on your computer.

Make sure that you can utilize the HDMI port or not.

4th Method- Troubleshooting

If you find your HDMI port isn’t working it could be an issue with the hardware, such as cable or HDMI port, or the cable. Therefore, there are small things you can do.

This includes:

  • First, you must replace the HDMI cable. It’s sure to fix the issue.
  • If it doesn’t work, you can try making an HDMI connection on another television or monitor. Then, note the device. If it’s defective you can replace it or fix it.

How To Use The HDMI Cable With Computer:

Here’s how you can utilize the HDMI port on your laptop or computer that you want to connect. All you need is for the HDMI cable to your laptop computer, computer using a projector, or the additional screen.

It can be beneficial for those of you who need to oversee your presentation in the office or slide show for your clients.


We’ve created a comprehensive guide you can follow to activate and utilize HDMI on your computer. HDMI connection on the computer.

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