How To Connect An Xbox Controller To Your Xbox Console

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There are many different ways to play with your Xbox One, and whichever you choose will likely be contingent on your budget and the distance you are from your console.

You can purchase wireless and wired controllers to on your Xbox One. Wireless controllers are more expensive , but permit you to be seated further distance from the Xbox One console.

Of course the method of connecting every type of console differs. Here’s how.

How do you link to your Xbox controller with an Xbox console

The most straightforward way to link to connect an Xbox One controller to the system is to connect it via wire that you can plug the USB cable directly into your console.

Wireless controllers are about less than wireless ones. Many gamers claim they reduce the lag in inputs of wireless controllers. Additionally, that the controller won’t fail upon you during the course of a game and you’ll reduce the cost of buying batteries.

You may also appreciate convenience with a wireless controller without the hassle of an electrical cord. Here’s how you connect to a wireless controller

Wireless Controllers

Wireless Xbox controller offers you greater freedom of movement. They’re also extremely simple to sync with the console once you understand how.

There are two methods to connect wireless Xbox One controller to the console. We’ll first connect it using a microUSB connector.

You’ll need to connect a common micro USB cord to the controller and console.

With any microUSB cable, connect the smaller part of it into the console’s back and then plug the USB cable into a socket on the console.

Then, switch on your console, and wait for a few minutes till your Xbox buttons at the top of the controller as well as on the console both light up. You’re synced. Now you can unplug the controller and connect it wirelessly.

If you want to connect your controller to the console without cable Press then hold down the sync button at the at the top of your controller.

You’ll need to press the sync button on top of the controller.

When your Xbox button starts flashing, press the button to pair. button on the console.

On the Xbox One X and One S console, you’ll see this button at the front, just below that the Power button. It’ll appear small and circular with the same curving lines that signify.

On the initial Xbox One console, the pair button is situated on the right side and it’s a rectangle that has the curving lines symbol.

If each of the Xbox symbols are in good shape then you’re all set to go out and play.

Xbox Series X|S compatibility

It is also compatible with the Xbox One controller is also compatible with the Xbox Series X|S. If you’re using a wired controller then all you need to do is connect it to the USB port on the on the front of your Series X|S, switch the console on and you’re ready go.

The same is true for wireless controllers that use the micro-USB cable. When you connect the cable to the controller, and then into your console powered by electricity the gamepad will begin to vibrate and then turn on, indicating that it is synced. Then, you can remove the micro-USB cord and connect it wirelessly.

To pair to connect the Xbox One controller to the Xbox Series X|S simply hold and push on the pair button to turn the controller. When you press the button, your buttons on the Xbox will begin blinking. Find your pair button on the console. It’ll be in the front, just above the USB port.

If it is Xbox button stops blinking and stays in the on position, the controller has been synced with it. Xbox Series X|S console.

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