How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen? (AVOID Doing This!)

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Whether you are using a laptop for personal or professional purposes, you surely have heard of the term “broken screen” before. Many people are quick to jump to conclusions when they see a black screen on their laptops. But it is better to know how much does it cost to repair a broken screen. You should first be aware of the fact that a damaged screen will not work properly and could cause harm to your eyes.

For every new laptop brand out in the market, there exists a separate repair cost for each model. However, as far as how much does it cost to repair a broken screen on older version laptops, it entirely depends on how you are planning to fix it. As technology advances, older version laptops might be difficult to repair but if you know the tricks, you would be able to do so without too much difficulty.

If you don’t know how to fix your broken screen at home, I recommend you visit a local repair shop. If you prefer to DIY, you can find plenty of YouTube videos that will show you how to fix your laptop’s screen for as little as $80-100. This eliminates labor costs and is therefore very economical.

So let’s find out…

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Broken Screen Laptop?

A broken screen repair including labor and parts would cost around $300. If you have an older model of your laptop, it might be even less. These are the steps to verify the cost of your broken laptop screen before you hire a tech or do it yourself.

  • Enter the laptop’s product number and search for the exact screen of your model.
  • Compare the price with other sites and go for the cheapest option.

What To Look After Repairing A Laptop Screen?

Before you leave the technician’s place or pay for the charges, you must first do this

Even if the screen has been fixed by you, these steps are crucial.

  • There are no visible scratches.
  • There are no cracks.
  • There are display issues in the past as a blank screen.
  • Verify whether images are displayed correctly.
  • There is no discoloration

If your laptop’s display is still not working properly, please contact them immediately.

Do It Yourself Laptop Screen Repair…

The cost to repair a laptop screen varies depending on you, fix it by a qualified technician, or your want to do it yourself. On average, getting your computer repaired by a professional will cost approximately $300. You can also order a cheaper screen online for as low as $99 – $100 if you decide to fix it yourself.

Signs Of Broken Laptop Screen

broken laptop screen

  • There is evidence of physical damage to the screen – This will cause your screen to have black spots, similar to inks and broken glass. The size of these damages increases with time.
  • Screen malfunction indicating defection – This sign is not visible as physical damage. This sign could be indicated by a blank screen, blurred images, or resolution lines.
  • Display that is not connected or loose – This is a sign that your laptop’s screen has been damaged.
  • Display of content is not possible – It doesn’t display any information.

How To Fix A Laptop Screen By Yourself? (Step-By-Step Guide)

It can happen, even if you take great care of your hardware, that your computer screens become cracked or damaged. Your laptop can still be repaired even if it has display problems.

It is important to know that fixing your laptop’s screen can be difficult. You may also end up making the problem worse and voiding the warranty. Before you replace your screen, it is important to be confident in your abilities. Also, consider whether you are more comfortable taking your laptop to a professional repair shop.

It is possible to replace a screen even if you have never done it before, depending on what type of laptop you have. Just be aware that if you own a laptop with a touch screen it can make the process much more challenging.

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Things to keep in mind before starting the screen replacement process by yourself.

1. Know your model and check the damage.

Power it up First, make sure your device turns on successfully. The screen is not the problem. You can test your laptop by connecting it to another monitor. If the laptop appears to be working normally, it is likely that your screen is not broken. To make an external display work, some laptops will need some function keys to be pressed.

Inspect the laptop – To determine if the problem is with your computer’s screen, you will need to inspect it thoroughly. If your computer refuses to turn on or has a damaged graphics card, a new screen won’t fix the problem.

You may also have difficulty fixing your screen if your laptop’s frame has been damaged. After you’ve examined your device and decided if you can repair it yourself, you need to find the right screen.

2. Find the correct screen size for your laptop.

It is important to know your laptop’s model number so that you can ensure you are purchasing the right replacement screen. There are many companies that offer screen repair kits for laptops. However, you will not be able to make repairs if the screen isn’t the right model. To help you identify your model computer, visit the “Settings”, menu and locate the serial number.

3. Sit with the proper repair tools and open the screen.

This is not a detailed guide for all laptops, but it should cover the basics for most of the models.

  • A clean, flat surface where you can work.
  • Knife to remove the screen bezel.
  • Magnetic screwdriver.
  • Pin or needle for removing the bezel.
  • Keep the screw in a safe place.
  • Adhesive or tape for securing the new LCD to the laptop frame.

4. Remove power sources

To avoid electric shock, first turn off the laptop. It is also a good idea to take out the battery in order to prevent any future problems.

After you’ve done this, you can identify the stickers covering the screws at the screen bezel. They are usually located near the bottom of the screen, where the hinges would be if you opened the display. There will be two.

5. Carefully remove stickers and screws

To remove the stickers from the bezel, use a pin. These will be needed later on after your screen has been properly installed. Make sure you don’t lose them and store them sticky-side up to make them easy to reuse. They will be easy to locate when you attach your screen.

Then, you will need to use your screwdriver in order to remove any screws visible. Depending on how tight they were installed during manufacturing, you may encounter some difficulties. If your screen is well aligned, it shouldn’t pose a problem to take out the screws. To prevent any from getting lost, place them in the dish.

6. Remove bezel

Now it’s time to remove the bezel. Be careful as you remove the old screen’s bezel. Once it is replaced, you will need to reinstall the screen. You should be able to remove your screen from the laptop case using a flat knife or putty knife.

It might take some effort to remove the screen completely. Don’t be alarmed when you hear the plastic snapping. This is because the plastic tabs holding your screen to your case are being unfastened. The screws at the bottom may not be loose enough to remove the old screen. If this happens, stop and loosen them more before trying again.

Your screen could be stuck to the hinges. You can usually remove the screen by gently wiggling it.

7. Remove the LCD

The most difficult part of replacing your laptop’s screen is removing the LCD. To have full access to your LCD screen, you will need to remove the bezel. The bezel will be attached to the laptop’s metal frame. You will need to remove it from both the left and right.

Two more screws will need to be loosened at the top corners of the screen before you can lift it slightly from the frame. There will likely be a few additional screws that secure the LCD to the sides. These should also be removed. Sometimes, the heavy-duty tape must be used in place.

8. Disconnect cable connectors

Your screen should now be on your keyboard after you have removed the attachments. Although it can be difficult to ensure that there is enough room between the LCD screen and the metal frame, you should not damage the video cable running from the back of your screen to the laptop’s body. This cable can be damaged and will require professional repair.

It’s now time to unplug the cable from your LCD. The connectors are usually located in the middle of the screen, but they could also be found at the bottom. You will need to remove the adhesive that held the connectors together. You may need to remove some tape, but it is generally easy to disconnect the LCD from its video connector. It should be placed somewhere far from any tools.

9. Fit the new screen

You should be able to locate the new screen by removing the old one. It should be placed face-down in the frame to ensure it fits perfectly. You can then reattach it so that it sits exactly where the LCD was. Attach it using tape or adhesive to ensure it is perfectly aligned.

10. Reattach bezel

After that, secure the sides. Reattach the tape or screws to the top and sides. Once everything is tightened up, you can place the bezel back. It should be aligned so it fits snugly into the screen case.

After you are certain that everything is in place, screw the remaining screws back into the bezel. The screen should not have cracks along its edges. After the screws have been inserted, you can reattach the cover with your pin or needle.

11. Turn on the laptop

You should now be able to restart your computer. Before you turn it on again, make sure to put the battery in. Double-check that everything is properly reassembled.

Enjoy a Successful DIY Laptop Screen Replacement

A professional doesn’t need to repair a laptop screen every time. You can save a lot of money if you have the time and desire to do it yourself. These DIY steps will get your laptop back up and running within an hour.

Cost For 15.6 Laptops With A Big Screen

Repair costs for laptops with 15.6 screens can easily reach $300. Because of the solid body, the technician would have to open the laptop up and add another 100$ to the repair costs. You can also avoid local fraudsters who would fix it at a lower price with no guarantee.

For Hp Model Laptops (Older Model Laptops)

Older HP Laptops could cost as much as $500-$600. Also, if fortunately, you find the components at a lower price, the technician would demand more money since Hp’s older versions have to be opened up completely when it comes to the repairing of their screen.

How Much It Would Cost To Repair A Touch Screen Laptop?

A touchscreen laptop is generally almost as expensive as a 15.6-inch laptop. If referred to a technician, a touchscreen laptop’s screen can be repaired for $200-300. You would need to hire a technician, which will cost you a hundred dollars extra.

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