Choosing the Best Washing Machine

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There is no escaping dirty laundry, but a powerful washing machine that smoothly cleans your clothing for years to come facilitates your load. Here are the best washing machine for your budget and your requirements.

Washers sell for approximately $400 to $2,500, depending on type, ability, and characteristics. And while washing is a worldly job, the washer aisle is dull. You will see multi-tasking machines that allow you to wash two loads at once, all-in-one front loaders which directly go to the dryer mode, front-loader pod-dispensing, integrated pretreatment features, steam choice washers, and more.

It is still common to buy a matching washer and dryer kit. There’s a synchronized styling, but not all sets make a perfect pair. “Best match washing machines and dryers” underlines our tests’ best. Regardless of the model you pick, follow our advice on how to extend it. Our test laboratories also disclose the laundry products which waste money — by avoiding them, save time and money.

Lab-Tested for Your Home

A spectrocolorimeter is used by the CR’s testers to study, among other stains, cloth swatches made with red wine, cocoa, and carbon (similar to soot). The easier the stain, the higher the cleaning value of the unit. This test aims to push the washer to see actual machine variations.

We assess how gentle a washer is on fabrics and record the water and energy used by the unit. We also have the energy to dry the washing machine. Why does this happen? Washing machines that remove more water shorten their dryer time and make our reliability tests more effective.

Our testers also calculate how much sound the washer is transmitted to a wooden floor and during filling, stirring/tumble, drain and spin cycles our panelists judge the noise levels.

We provide the reliability and satisfaction of each lab brand by the CR members survey in the overall score for each lab washer, in addition to the test findings.

Types of Washing Machine

There are advantages and disadvantages of each kind. Are you looking for the laundry to be loaded from above instead of the front loader to bend? A pedestal increases the height of a front loader — facilitating loading — but the comfort of paying $250 or more.

Whatever you think, know it suits a king-size comforter in our tests, which can measure over 4.5 cubic feet. And if there is a guarantee, most fully-tested computers have a one-year part and work warranty. However, Speed Queen provides three to seven years of warranties. In our washing machine ratings, you can see the capacity and guarantee detail.

The pros and cons below refer to the washer types as a group, based on our testing. There are exceptions, which you’ll see in the ratings.

Agitator Top-Loaders

agitator top loader

  • The lowest cost option usually.
  • cycle time is usually shorter, with normal wash/heavy soil configuration mostly 35 to 65 minutes, and with normal ground configuration faster.
  • Cleansing is often a good factor in our scores, so those machines can well clear a typically soiled load. (You will need to pretreat your laundry if it’s a long time, however, with heavy stains or earth.)

  • Many are tough on fabrics.
  • They typically use a lot more water.
  • Dryer times are often longer. (The washer’s tub can’t spin as fast as other washer types, so less water is extracted.)
  • Most are noisy.

High-Efficiency (HE) Top-Loaders

High-Efficiency (HE) Top-Loaders

  • Sometimes cleaning gains a high or better grade.
  • The capacity of most top-loaders is greater than most agitators.
  • You use less water, extract more, shorten dryer time than many agitator washers.
  • Some are relatively quiet.
  • Wash time is long, with standard laundry/heavy soil environment usually 60 to 80 minutes. (The usual setting of the soil will save you time.)
  • Most of the materials aren’t soft.
  • Due to low water levels, longer washing time, and higher speeds, the laundry will tangle.
  • Deeper tubes that can make it hard to hit the bottom and catch the last sock are available for higher capacity versions.


front load washer

  • The typical cleaning value in our ratings is excellent or very good.
  • Many fabrics are more gentle.
  • The least water they consume.
  • The time of the dryer is also less. (Front-loader water saves electricity, and uses less water, and extracts more.)
  • The bulk of the dryer can be stacked to save room.
  • Washing is long, with regular washing/high ground setting, often from 75 to 105 minutes. • Some vibrations are transmitted to the ground. (Where wood floors are concerned, but not concrete floors.)
  • Any kind of cleaning machine may have a problem, but a member study of CR found that, compared with 3% of top-loaders, 17% of the front-loader owners claim it has mold or mold.

Compact Front-Loaders


  • Its 24-inch width makes it a choice for the tight room. As you can see in our reviews for washing machines, the height and the depth differ.
  • You can stack them with your corresponding electric dryer for space-saving.
  • The majority of the compacts sold are front-loaders, rather than top-loaders.
  • Electrical matching of mobile dryers (vented or ventless). There are currently no gas models available.
  • They’re little, but costly, usually between $800 and $2,000.
  • Cycle times for washing and drying are long, especially when the smooth dryer is a smooth model. • They vibrate more than others.

Size Up Your Space

Illustration: Chris Philpot

Bigger capacities also lead to a 2 or 3 inches larger washing machine than the normal 27 inches, which is the same for dryers. Measure the room you need to deal with and allow for water connections behind the laundry for at least 6 inches and between the washer and dryer for around one inch. Measure your doors to ensure they match a new washing machine.

Check the dimensions in the ratings of the washer and remember the front loaders with a matching dryer can be stacked. Consider the lightweight washing machines that were tested if space is tight. If a calm machine is essential, consider purchasing a washing machine that is very good or better in our noise tests. It’s working, you’ll know, but you need not be disturbed. And while the vibration levels which full-size front loaders transfer to the floor have been reduced by the majority of the manufacturers, look at our washing machine ratings closely.

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