Best Coffee Makers For RVs And Campers In 2022

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Whenever we are on a road trip in our RV, we all often crave a perfect cup of Joe, that reminds us of home. However, getting quality coffee as per everyone’s choice is a little bit tricky. Probably it’s time to furnish your RV kitchen with a perfect coffee maker, for a perfect cup of coffee on your trip.

A quality coffee maker makes a major difference and brings forth a cup of coffee to brighten up your life every day. In the market, there are too many options available out there to choose from. Here we have presented all the relevant information about the best RV coffee makers that are necessary for making an informed buying decision.

We hope that the RV coffee maker buying guide and best coffee makers for RVs and campers suggested here in this post will assist you to find the perfect RV coffee maker for your exact needs. We have highlighted the characteristics of the top 7 best coffee makers for an RV, providing them an edge over competitors.

7 Best Coffee Makers for RVs and Campers

Here we have come up with our top 7 picks of coffee makers for every camping style. The reviews of the coffee makers include all the features of a high-quality best RV coffee maker and elements that you should use to compare the coffee machines while choosing the best one.

Product NameProduct ImagePrice
Keurig K-Mini Coffee MakerCheck Latest Price
Farberware 50124 ClassicCheck Latest Price
Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee MakerCheck Latest Price
BLACK+DECKER CoffeemakerCheck Latest Price
Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup CoffeemakerCheck Latest Price
Cuisinart DCC-1100 12-Cup CoffeemakerCheck Latest Price
Coleman Camping Coffee MakerCheck Latest Price

1. Keurig K-Mini single serve K-cup coffee maker

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Material Plastic
Brand Keurig
Color Black
Human Interface Input Buttons
Item Weight 4.6 Pounds

The small and compact Keurig K mini single-serve coffee maker is less than 5 inches wide, making it an ideal choice for RVs with limited storage space. This lightweight, easy-to-store coffee maker can dispense coffee directly into a travel mug. It is the first pod brewing single-serve coffee maker in the marketplace.

Available in a variety of matte-finish colors, this coffee maker uses AC power to operate. It is also compatible with Keurig’s reusable filter. So, instead of using K-Cups, it provides an option to use your product’s customer reviews coffee grounds also. It can brew a single cup of coffee in under one minute.

The light indicators and the simple control buttons present on the coffee maker make it easy to use. It comes with an option of three cup sizes and a removable drip tray, that allows the user to use larger cups. However, it does not fit travel mugs of all sizes and can accommodate travel mugs up to 7.0 inches tall.

This single-serve model allows brewing one cup at a time. It has a large 48 oz. capacity. So, you don’t have to refill the reservoir after every cup. Moreover, the removable water reservoir makes its filling and cleaning convenient. This easy to clean and maintenance-free coffee maker comes with a drip tray that’s capable of holding up to 7 fluid ounces.

Keurig K single-serve coffee maker is loaded with two water filters, ensuring no water contaminants. This coffee maker offers an automatic shut-off function that turns off the coffee maker 90 seconds after the last brew, helping to save energy and making it more reliable. The built-in descaling feature of this coffee maker helps to keep the drains unclogged.

Reasons to Buy
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Brew size selection
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Removable drip tray and descaling feature
  • 2-minute brew time
  • Can make more than 6 cups of coffee without refilling
Reasons to Avoid
  • Expensive
  • Can’t fit travel mugs of all sizes

Check Latest Price

2. Farberware Yosemite Coffee Maker

Farberware 50124 Classic

Material Stainless Steel
Brand Farberware
Color Stainless Steel
Capacity 8 Cups
Human Interface Input Touchscreen

Faberware Yosemite coffee maker is another compact stainless steel coffee maker and doesn’t require electricity to make coffee. This percolator can be conveniently used over the cooktop in your RV kitchen, making it a wonderful fit for your RV kitchen and popular among coffee lovers.

This coffee maker offers 8-cup and 12-cup versions, with no other waste than the used coffee grounds. The retro and classic stainless steel pot keeps your coffee hotter longer, giving a top-notch coffee brewing experience. The perfectly fitted lid traps heat inside the coffee maker effectively and ensures your coffee stays hot for longer periods.

The stay-cool handle of the percolator keeps your hands protected from the heat and burns while handling and pouring the coffee. Moreover, it is dishwasher safe, making the cleaning process simple and easy. The percolator requires about 12-minute to brew the full pot, which is comparatively too long.

If you are looking for a percolator to become a long-term investment, the Faberware Yosemite coffee maker is an ideal choice.

Reasons to Buy
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stay cool handle
  • Keeps coffee hot for a long lime
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Affordable
Reasons to Avoid
  • Takes 12 minute to brew a pot

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3. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

Material Stainless Steel
Brand Hamilton Beach
Color Stainless Steel
Capacity 14 Fluid Ounces
Human Interface Input Buttons

The Hamilton Beach single-serve coffee maker is perfect for those RVs and campers owners who are looking for a few convenient, freshly brewed coffee cups. This coffee maker brews coffee quickly and conveniently for most standard travel mugs.

The customizable brew settings and volume adjustment of this stainless steel coffee maker let a single 8-ounce cup of coffee in about 90 seconds. The reusable mesh filter system saves money on paper filters, in the long term. It allows level adjustments to suit your taste and comes with an automatic shut-off feature, ensuring power saving.

The coffee maker top flips receive the fresh coffee grounds in the front basket, and delivers hot coffee on either a regular or a bold setting, depending on your preferences. The flip-down tray of the coffee maker holds smaller mugs, while you flip it back up if you want to fill your travel mug.

Hamilton Beach 49981A scoop single-serve coffee maker is one of the most versatile, convenient, and inexpensive ways for a single mug of coffee. Backed with a solid track record and a limited warranty of 1 year, this coffee maker has received thousands of good ratings and reviews over the years.

Reasons to Buy
  • Quick brewing
  • Convenient single-serve
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • A reusable mesh filter saves long term cost
Reasons to Avoid
  • Do not make more than 2 cups of coffee in a go
  • Needs a separate coffee grinder

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4. BLACK+DECKER single-serve Coffee Maker

BLACK+DECKER Coffeemaker

Material Stainless Steel
Color Black/Stainless Steel
Capacity 0.45 Liters
Human Interface Input Buttons

BLACK+DECKER single-serve coffee maker is a compact single-serve coffee maker that can be easily placed underneath a cabinet to save space in your RV or camper. It can be easily attached to the underside of most RV cabinets and weighs only 11-pounds. Moreover, it makes a whopping 12 cups of coffee, making it the best coffee maker for RVs and campers.

Made with BPA-free stainless steel and plastic, this compact and sturdy coffee maker is a single-serve model. It also comes with an automatic shut-off when the brewing finishes and needs AC electricity.

The BLACK+DECKER coffee maker offers an 8 cup water reservoir with a matching 8-cup thermal carafe which keeps the brewed coffee hotter for hours, without the use of a hot plate. The digital control panel with LED backlighting, and an auto-brew feature lets you set it up the night before itself so that you can wake up to the smell of fresh brewing coffee.

The 16-oz thermal mug easily fits in any cup holder and is dishwasher safe, facilitating easy cleaning of the coffee maker. This under cabinet RV coffee maker also offers an automatic shut-off for energy saving and a “Sneak-A-Cup” feature.

The most important feature of the BLACK+DECKER single-serve coffee maker is that it takes an overall brewing process of fewer than 2 minutes and at an affordable price, making it an ideal choice for an RV owner. However many customer reviews say that this product has a leaking issue.

Reasons to Buy
  • Easy to use and clean Comes with the Sneak-A-Cup
  • Thermal carafe
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Affordable price
  • Made from durable BPA-free stainless steel and plastic
Reasons to Avoid
  • Few Complaints for Leakage issue

Check Latest Price

5. Cuisinart DCC-450BK Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker

Material Stainless Steel
Brand Cuisinart
Color Black
Capacity 4 Cups
Item Weight 3.25 Pounds

The Cuisinart DCC-450BK is a compact drip-style coffee maker designed to brew up to four cups of coffee at a time. This coffee maker is an ideal addition to an RV with a family of coffee drinkers.

The stainless steel carafe with an ergonomically designed handle keeps your hands protected while handling and pouring the coffee. Moreover, the dripless pour spout of the stainless steel carafe helps to prevent undesirable spills and stains from the coffee maker.

The LCD screen of the coffee maker makes it effortless to read because it’s backlit.  Presented with a special brew-pause feature, the Cuisinart coffee maker lets you grab a quick cup in the middle of a brew cycle also. Now no more worries about mess or simmering spilled coffee on the underlying hot plate.

The automatic 30-minute shut-off feature of this coffee maker reduces the chances of over-simmering the coffee which could result in a bitter taste. It comes with a brew-strength controller which allows you to control the coffee’s strength with just a touch of a button. You can select between regular and bold, as per your personal choice.

The well-designed and sturdy Cuisinart DCC-450BK is the overall compact best RV coffee maker at the offered price point.

Reasons to Buy
  • Compact design
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Brew pause feature
Reasons to Avoid
  • Short power cord

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6. Cuisinart DCC-1100 Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-1100 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Material Stainless Steel
Brand Cuisinart
Color White
Capacity 12 Cups
Item Weight 1 Pounds

Cuisinart DCC-1100 programmable coffee maker is ideal for someone who needs a steady supply of coffee at a campsite. This drip coffee machine has a small footprint and can brew a ton of coffee in a single pot.

The 12 cup glass carafe of the Cuisinart DCC-1100 coffee maker can brew in 1-4 cup settings. This programmable coffee maker can wake you up to that freshly brewed smell. It also offers a brew-pause feature so that you can grab a quick cup of coffee, while the coffee machine is still actively brewing coffee grounds.

The well-designed ergonomic handle of the glass carafe, dripless pour spout, and knuckle guard for safety provide a winning edge to this coffee maker. The reusable filter of this coffee maker avoids the hassle of stocking paper filters. It comes with the charcoal water filter, ensuring safe usable water for your coffee, and is handy to deal with hard water.

The Cuisinart DCC-1100 coffee maker is a great option for your camping needs.

Reasons to Buy
  • Smaller footprint for large amounts of coffee
  • Affordable drip-maker option
  • Adjustable capacity from 4 to 12 cups of coffee
  • Comes with a brew-pause feature
  • Charcoal water filter
Reasons to Avoid
  • Fragile glass carafe

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7. Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Material Stainless Steel
Brand Coleman
Color Black
Capacity 10 Cups
Item Weight 3 Kilograms

Coleman is well renowned for its specifically designed coffee makers for RVs and campers. This easy-to-clean coffee maker comes with an easy-pour decanter and a removable filter. It has been designed by Coleman keeping the RV travelers specifically in the mind. It can be placed over the camp stove and the steel base protects its components from heat. This machine is sturdy and does not require electricity to make your coffee. This makes it ideal for RVs that can’t handle electric coffee makers.

The  Coleman camping coffee maker is one of the most user-friendly and sophisticated drip coffee makers available in the market, which makes the outdoor brewing lure. The swing-away basket of this coffeemaker holds the coffee grounds and filter. The use of reusable baskets can reduce waste. The glass carafe with an ergonomically comfortable handle can make up to 10-cups of coffee in just 10 minutes. The brewing process can be paced up using already heated water.

The incredible pause feature enables you to pour a quick cup of coffee during the middle of the coffee brewing cycle and can be resumed afterward. However, the major drawback of the Coleman coffee maker is that it cannot keep coffee warm for a longer period.

This automatic coffee machine ensures the same amount of coffee grinding each time, delivering a consistent tasting brew every time. So, if you are looking for a coffee maker that saves power and wants to admire coffee brewing, Coleman coffee maker is the best outdoor camping coffee maker for an RV.

  • Pause and serve feature
  • No need for electricity or RV battery to run
  • Affordable, easy to clean, and easy to use
  • Tea and hot chocolate compatible
  • Can make up to 10 cups of coffee
Reasons to Avoid
  • Can’t keep coffee warmer for extended periods
  • Fragile glass decanter

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What to Look for When Buying a Coffee Maker for RV?

Before buying a high-quality coffee maker for your RV, you will need to take care of certain important features of the coffee maker. Make sure you have a fair knowledge of each and every factor you need before choosing your coffee brewing companion for your RV.

This buying guide for the best RV coffee makers will certainly help you in making your buying decision for the best coffee maker for RVs and campers.


It is very challenging to find a perfect coffee maker model for your RV. We highly recommend going through the customer reviews available on each coffee maker’s Amazon page. The reviews from customers discuss every aspect in detail and provide real and trustworthy customer experiences. So make sure to properly utilize these vital pieces of information to help shape your decision to buy a coffee maker for your RVs and campers.

Available space in your RV kitchen

Before making a decision, analyze the available space to place the coffee maker in your RV kitchen. Mostly there are space and storage constraints in RV kitchens. There are many options of RV coffee makers available in the market, in all shapes and sizes. Your decision will further help you narrow down the available options of coffee makers.

If you have less available space in your RV, go for an under cabinet RV coffee maker like BLACK+DECKER single-serve coffee maker. It will save a lot of space in your RV kitchen.


Whichever coffee maker model you choose for your RV, make sure it is portable, easy to handle, and does not need a lot of setups. All these factors will ensure a more manageable and hassle-free coffee-making experience.

As suggested, please go through the customers’ reviews and experiences. Read the product description of each model available on the Amazon product page to have a fair idea of product usage and installation process. Since most of the RVs are not quite spacious, make sure to keep the convenience factor in mind. Also, ensure that the cleaning up of the coffee maker is simpler and uncomplicated. Cleaning a drip maker usually takes more time and effort. It also involves cleaning the coffee maker machine with vinegar or lemon juice and rinsing multiple times. Make sure to consider the sink size of your RV and the limited water supply before choosing a model. Most of the coffee makers have fragile glass carafe which demands extra care while handling.

Cleaning convenience

The use of coffee grounds is generally filthy. So it is very significant to pay attention to the ease of cleaning aspect of the coffee machine. Being a coffee lover, you would daily be dealing with the cleaning of the coffee machine. So make sure that you choose a model with a cleaning process that doesn’t take a lot of time.

The complicated maintenance and cleaning processes of the coffee machine are going to make you irritated in the long term. A major chunk of your time is going to be spent on cleaning your coffee maker. The best way to assess the cleaning ease of any model is to go through the product’s customer reviews. The actual customer reviews provide every minute detail of any product and heels to evaluate every, for facts before related to the product handling. These factual customer reviews will give you an idea of the amount of maintenance required for each product.

The disposable filters will make the cleaning process of the coffee machine simple and straightforward. The use of reusable coffee filters will reduce waste.


Coffee makers of all price ranges are available in the market to suit your needs. There are coffee makers available varying from budget-friendly to high-end. The highly expensive coffee makers make a perfect cup of Joe that exceeds the lower-priced models. So before you make up your mind about the purchase of the coffee maker for your RV, you must weigh the importance of the coffee’s quality and that doesn’t compromise your coffee preference.

Once you decide on a budget for a coffee maker for your RV, it will limit the available options to assist you in your decision. Once you have narrowed down your preferred coffee brewing method, choose your favorite coffee grounds, and select a best-suited coffee maker for your RV.

Storage requirements

Before buying a coffee maker for your RV, keep in mind the store requirements of the machine. A mountable coffee maker will save space on the kitchen counter of your RV. However, the coffee machine with this feature may be more expensive.

Electricity requirements

Few coffee makers need electricity to run, while others can make amazing coffee on the gas stove also, such as the Coleman camping coffee maker. If your RV has limited electric supplies or you often camp without electricity, better to choose a coffee maker that doesn’t need a direct heat source, just hot water. It makes them best suited for RVs and campers who can heat water in a pan.

Coffee grinders

Whatever coffee maker you are going to choose for your RV, keep a grinder in mind. Whether you are going to use a hand grinder or a commercial-grade grinder, make sure that it accommodates the coffee maker you choose for your camping needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a coffee maker for RV?

Ans.: A coffee maker for an RV provides you access to your daily caffeine when you are on the road. In most aspects, it is similar to the ones within your household.

It is a very simple, yet efficient machine, that fulfills your coffee desires when you don’t have the time to devote to more complex ways of brewing. It is by far the most popular way to brew a cup of Joe. You can use coffee grinders to grind the coffee beans just prior to brewing.

Most of the coffee makers come with a timer allowing them to turn on and turn off automatically. Few coffee pots use steel filters, while others use paper filters. Steel filters allow more oils to pass through them, making coffee stronger, whereas paper filters create cleaner, lighter coffee.

Q. How to fix a clogged coffee machine?

Ans.: Sometimes your coffee maker gets clogged and stops functioning the way it should. Few simple steps to unclog the coffee machine so you can enjoy your coffee.

  1. Clean out the coffee maker properly. Add a cup of vinegar to the water reservoir and run the coffee machine as normal. After all of the water has gone, discard the rinse water through the machine. Make sure to run a reservoir full of clean water 2-3 times through your coffee machine, to get rid of the vinegar completely.
  2. Check the water spout of the coffee maker. The spout from where the coffee from the coffee maker machine comes out, must not be blocked and should be completely clean.
  3. Make sure the drain hole of the coffee maker is not clogged. If it is clogged, remove the accumulated matter using a toothpick or a small wire to let the proper water flow through it.
  4. Clean out the valve of the coffee maker. Remove the base of the coffee machine and clean its valve with warm water and detergent. Unplug your coffee machine before cleaning out the valve. Cleaning the valve will remove all mineral deposits which are blocking it.
  5. Regularly clean your coffee machine to prevent clogging. This will keep your coffee tasting fresh and clean every time you make your coffee.

Q. What are the different types of coffee makers available for RVs and campers?

Ans.: There are numerous different types of best coffee makers for RVs and campers available in the market.

Single-serve coffee makers

A single-serve coffee maker uses a dripping method to serve out one cup of coffee, every brewing cycle. It is more convenient than other types of coffee machines and does not require any measurements like flavorings, portions, or additives. As a result, it lessens the time it takes to make coffee, making it the best choice for RV owners. However, single-serve coffee makers are much more expensive.

Pour-over coffee makers

Pour-over coffee makers are similar to drip coffee makers. Though it differs in the way the water is applied to the coffee. The pour-over coffee machines pour water over coffee grounds and then dispense the coffee flavors into your mug. It is a quicker and more efficient brewing method.

If the water pouring extracts more from the coffee grounds than wanted, it will end up with unpleasant coffee. Pour-over coffee makers are considered to be the best portable machine well suited for your RV.

Drip coffee makers

The drip coffee makers are the traditional and most popular coffee makers: a water tank, carafe, and filter basket. These coffee makers are operated through electricity. It prevents over-extracting of coffee and making it bitter. The hot water pours over the coffee ground placed in a porous coffee filter to extract the coffee. The hot plate present under the carafe of the drip coffee makers keeps the coffee warm for a longer period. However, too much heat over some time turns the coffee bitter. The automatic timer of these machines lets you set it up the prior and it turns on at the precise time set in it. Drip coffee makers are user-friendly as well as pocket-friendly.

Under the cabinet coffee machines 

As the name implies, under the cabinet coffee makers are installed under the cabinet and are designed to improve counter space. In terms of the coffee quality, they are similar to drip coffee machines. The available options for under the cabinet coffee machines are somewhat limited. You can check out the BLACK + DECKER coffee maker from our product review section.

Percolators coffee makers

Percolators coffee machines are one-pot coffee makers that continually cycle the boiling brew through the coffee grounds using the laws of gravity. This process essentially relies on boiling water rising to a container filled with coffee grounds and continuing, till the coffee reaches your preferred strength. Percolators are often durable, budget-friendly, and can be used for making tea also.

Q. How to dispose of coffee grounds?

Ans.: Throwing the coffee grounds down the sink will eventually lead to clogging. They can be best disposed of in the organic recycling bins on the campground or a composting heap.


Whatever are your RV needs or preferences, we have the best coffee maker on this product review list. For 3 to 4 travelers, Hamilton Beach single-serve coffee maker or Cuisinart DCC-450BK coffee maker is perfect. But, if you travel with a relatively large group of friends and family, go with Coleman camping coffee maker or BLACK+DECKER single-serve coffee maker. The Cuisinart DCC-1100 programmable coffee maker or Keurig K-Mini single-serve coffee maker will let you brew a single cup of coffee for yourself, versatility blended with convenience. Coleman camping coffee maker is ideal for RVs that can’t handle the electric coffee makers.

We hope that all the information provided here on the best coffee makers for RVs and campers will help you in the search for the best RV coffee maker for your RV that fits your particular needs.

Make good use of the coffee maker buying guide provided here to evaluate all the features of the coffee maker. We are sure that you will end up with a high-quality coffee maker to make your RVing experience amazing.

Happy Camping!

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